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My Journey with Bing and Clickbank $50 to $100 Per day
I was starting clickbank on bing before 7 months but I spent more and more profits so low slow earn profits look like $100 per month and i am not happy for $100 per month

I want to aim High Profits - ABOVE $50 to $100 per day but not month

so i have an idea for New Methods

Just start campaigns on bing

deposit adjust $100

This April i campaigns created and Bid $0.05 to $0.06 Only

battery product - LP
survival product - LP
Make money Imjetset - direct linking without LP
lipoma product - direct linking without LP
flashlight survival product - direct linking without LP

Update soon

Note: Clickbank Report is Usa time
Bing Report is Local India time!

so i cannot get perfect count report because they are different time!

my English is bad sorry!

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