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Bing journey to $500 per day - M3nT05 - 10-11-2018

After a lot of research on affiliate marketing I've decided to take action and start this journey to keep focused as I try to apply what I've read.

Day 1:
Traffic to begin with: Bing
Affiliate platform: Clickbank

Signed up with a tracker
Selected 2 products in the same niche.

Currently working on Keyword research - arrange the keywords into Single Keyword Ad Groups(SkaGs) - I've read this helps in having relevant and targeted ads

Day 2:
- Keyword research complete.
- Set up Bing account and loaded it with some funds just to ensure my debit card is working
- Downloaded and installed BingAds editor for easier management of campaign.
- Setting up Affiliate network(Clickbank), Traffic Source(Bing) , Offer (from clickbank), Tracking Domain on the tracker. Took a while to figure out which parameters to put where but in the end I was able to set up everything well.

- Opened and account with Get-response to capture leads

Bought 2 domains : 1 for tracking and 1 for hosting the landing page.

Next plan of action:
- set up lander and relevant content
- Set up campaign on Bing ad account

I was not able to find a way to pass the cost parameter from bing to tracker...if there is a way someone pls share with me. Otherwise I intend to do it manually when I start running the campaign

Day 3:
Today I mainly concentrated on coming up with some content for the lander and setting up the lander on my server.

Next action:
Finalize on setting up the campaign and everything else.
I hope to start sending some traffic from bingSmile tomorrow

Day 4 & 5
- I was able to create ads - 3 different ads for each adgroup
- Tested the tracking to see it was working.
- I completed setting up the campaign and launched it.

Feeling great reaching here so far... those technical tracking and lander set ups seemed intimidating, but with YouTube and some online tutorials I managed to set up the campaign.

Budget $20/day

I'm going to leave it to run for about 3 days to get some data. I'll be checking negative keywords and adding them regularly.

I've started receiving visits and clicks. no conversion yet. I can't wait to see my first conversionSmile


Day 6:
I've let the campaign to run for 3 days without any adjustments and I'm glad to say that I got one sale+upsell Smile

Breakdown for the 3 days I've been running the campaign, I've set my max cpc to be $1
Sunday : Spent: $21.54 Clicks: 18 Conversions(amount): 0($0) Average CPC: 1.20

Monday : Spent: $23.12 Clicks: 6 Conversions(amount): 0($0) Average CPC: 3.85 (High Cpc happened because I set desktop device bid adjustment to 900%)

Tuesday : Spent: $21.34 Clicks: 28 Conversions(amount):1 (38.04) Average CPC: 0.76

I guess I will have to sync all the time zone the one that clickbank uses.
Clickbank uses Pacific time
bemob Tracker uses default UTC
Bing uses my country timezone .
this really caused a lot of confusion in determining when the conversion came but I've figured it now.

Another thing I saw that Bing offers Desktop/Smartphone/Tablet options. For now I will concentrate on Desktop

A mistake I made when selecting Desktop bid adjustment I made it 900% I thought it would result in me getting alot of desktop traffic but it resulted in me paying CPC of $3.85 as seen above. So guys if you want desktop traffic alone just set
Smartphone = - 100%
Tablet = - 100%
leave Desktop without any bid adjustment

Another thing I don't know why Clickbank is not firing back conversions. I had to upload the conversion manually to my tracker. if there are people familiar with this pls share.

Total Spent on Campaign: $66
Total Revenue: $38.04
Profit: - $27.96
ROI: -42.36%

Now that I have accomplished my goal of getting a conversion, I will let the campaign run one more day then I will start working on ROI.

Happy week guys!