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How to bypass GSA Captcha Breaker Expiry - M3nT05 - 03-06-2018

[b][Image: GSAcaptchabreakerseotool-1.jpg]

I have tested on my live machine since the [b]9th
and todays date is the 17th so you can know count how many days its been and it works, everytime i open it GSA captcha breaker will think it is the first time it opened so it will popup the option menu [Image: saevilw.gif][/b][/b]
Quote:[b]Download Link...
Take a look here first :


1: first method , u can create a new account on pc any username and then within that account u can install the gsa captcha breaker it will work.

2: 2nd way is if you want to keep all your file folders everything as it is then you should google
how to create new account and change folders on windows.

what this does is it keeps all your files intact all your doing on your windows is changing your username + user folder name

after you have created the new username , go ahead and install some good registry backup and restore software , after you have made your backups , install gsa captcha breaker , if it is installed already from previous installation then just install again over it and then open it.

If , and that is if the captcha breaker expires after few days use then restore your registry.

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