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ZERO to $30k Daily Revenue in 2 Months [Success Story]
Hi everyone,

As I read and learned a lot from this forum, I would like to share my story as well. If mine could inspire some of you here that would be another success story LOL.

So I’ve been exploring online forums for a while to seek how to make big money because my salary of previous job is not that as satisfied. After lots of information collecting online, I’ve decided to joined an affiliate network first to get the ball roll.

Since I’m totally green hand, I decided to take my AM’s suggestion to try nutra offers with running FB ads. I didn’t quit my job then because I was afraid that things would change in any minute in case I lost everything TBH.

I didn’t got any conversion at first week. I was kinda upset and asked my AM if he can give me some suggestion. He pointed it out that my creative was not converting and gave the name of a spy tool, after I copied a creative from the spy tool and upload I found my ad didn’t get approved by fb and what worse is, my account got banned! And again this time I got my answer from my AM that I need a 3rd party software to get this through. I have to say it really took lots of money in the initial setting like buying ads account, creative searching tools and so on.

After many times of setback like the above mentioned, I realized the knowledge base that I learned previously by myself is so poor! If you want to start this career, you need to ask someone professional.

So back and force, I finally got my ads approved and I got my first conversion! Dude you can imagine how inspiring this meant to me. It convinced me that this works! I felt more confident on myself and my choice.

After the over joy on the first few conversion I realized that I didn’t make profit because my investment is huge. My revenue was around $200 and my investment was over $1000! 

I thought of quitting from time to time, but considering I’ve already paid 1 month for the tools, I was like, hey, why don’t just used them up then we’ll see.

So I scaled up my campaign after some optimization. In total, I got $1k+ revenue at $5k+ cost in the first month which means I got -80% ROI.

With some hesitation and doubt, thought twice, I decided to give it another shot in the 5th week, and I finally got an even. And I scaled up my campaign, again. I found this is like doing math chance thing. You know, like margin cost, margin revenue thing, I’m sorry about this expression if I don’t tell it right. But all the suppose is the ads routine converts which has be proved by myself.

At the end of October, I quit my job and fully focused on my affiliate job. Now I get steady revenue at an average 50% ROI, my best ROI reached 100% once in November end. The screenshot is my performance in last 40 days:

[Image: 1-png.7837]

I hope this thread can gain some inspiration on your advertising journey, and share your success story here, too.

BTW, to do this work, you really need to be hardworking. For the last 2 months, I only slept 4-5 hours everyday because I need to monitor the campaigns and make sure everything is in charge & be optimized in time. Another tips for you guys is, always keep communicated with your AM, take mine for example, James, he is always fierce to point my problem and share his experience with me. I can feel this dude is aggressive on his goal which is a win-win situation for both affiliate & network.

I think I’ve told enough about my story. Any suggestion or question is welcomed. You can comment here or contact in pm. Good luck with your advertizing!
bro which network is this one ?
bro that is great.

bro which network is this one ?

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