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[YT+IG]15$ to 50$ per Day From CPA
We are at this moment at 26 of march so a little more than 5$ per day with YT.

Now i want to focus on IG too and i want to compare if i can win more than with YT.

I have the rigth IG account provider, and i think my proxys are good to but i am looking for the bests Proxys =P so if someone knows a good and tested provider of proxys for IG please tell me.

I use OGads for CPA.
I use Jarvee to manage my accounts with the method follow-unfollow to catch people for my CPA offers.

I set up today 4 accounts and i havent problems with it. All are following people and liking photos. (i have low agressive profile in Jarvee just know, the accounts are warming up)

My Goal is to reach the 50$ daily.

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