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What is Xrumer Service?

I'm looking to hire someone to do an XRumer blast on keywords relating to my website. However, for people with experience with XRumer:

- Will doing an XRumer project have a negative effect on my website on Google or other search engines?
- What type of results could I expect in traffic and keyword position?

Thank you! 

Black Hat
Hmm, I want some money. Let me think of a way to SCAM people.
Yes, this is a neat method for cheating, let me set it up.
OK, ready to go, let me make some money.
Awesome! I made some money. What a rush!
Oh damn, I got caught. They shut me down. Hope I don't get in legal trouble.
Thank goodness, no legal trouble, but now I am broke again.
I know, I'll try another method of cheating.
Let me set it up.
OK time to launch.
Finally, making a little money again. Hope this lasts!
Damn, got caught again. Shut down.
Being broke sucks.
Let me think of another way to cheat the system.
...And on and on.

White Hat
I would like some money, I think I'll start an Internet business.

Wow, I didn't know it would be this hard.
I am like the architect, construction company, advertising agency,
salesperson, inventory, management, and every other job
all in one person. Well, at least when the work is done I will
get all of their paychecks!

Hmm... That took longer than I wanted to.
I invested more money than I planned.
And I made a lot of mistakes, that cost me time and money.
But, at least I made a dollar in profit.
It sucks doing all of that work for a dollar, but now I know it can be done.

Wow, I'm working so hard and this is so slow, maybe I should quit?
Or maybe I should cheat?
NO! I won't quit and I won't cheat.

Finally, a real, live paying customer. Not much profit but it was nice.
Oh look, there is another one.
Another customer, well at least my monthly expenses are being paid now.

Oh, you want to refer your friends to me? That was nice of you.
Ah, more customers. So glad I didn't quit or cheat!
Another customer...
Oh, you want to refer your friends to me? Thank you!
Oh you want to refer your friends to me? Thank you!
Oh you want to refer your friends to me? Thank you!

Here is a little bonus for your referral, I really appreciate it!
Oh you want to refer more customers to me?
I promise to treat them as good as I've always treated you!

Oops... I'm getting too many customers. I need help!
Here, let me hire someone to do the tedious work for me...
Oh look, another customer...

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