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ViralScraper - Scrape Viral Content From Reddit To Facebook
[b][Image: DownloadViralScraperScrapeViralContentFr-1.png]

Welcome to the website of Viralscraper. Viralscraper is a powerful tool to scrape imgur links from a redditpage and automatically upload the content on your Facebook page. Because of the simple and lightweight nature of Viralscraper, it is possible to scale your operation to hundreds of Facebook pages and to automatically provide new content to your fans 24/7. Viralscraper is the defacto method for the marketeer who wants to automate their Facebook pages and save themselves the hassle of finding new content. Spread your bets and watch your traffic grow organically!

[Image: 294971Themethod1-1.png]

Viralscraper is a Linux tool that consists of two scripts, one script will fetch the redditpage you specify and scrape all the imgurlinks. The second script will upload the images to facebook using your facebook page accesstoken. You can choose what page is scraped, what page it is uploaded to and what caption is posted with the image. Viralscraper can use a random caption from a file or can automatically retrieve the title of the Imgurpost, the choice is yours.

With a little adjustment you can even pipeline the content to other social media. An experimental method to upload content through mail is implemented.

What viralscraper does:
•Periodically scrape subreddit page for imgur links
•Retrieve Imgur title of images
•Automatically upload the imgur images to your Facebook page
•Scale your socialmedia operation to hundreds of facebook pages

[Image: 534666viralscraperlogo11-1.png]

Sales Page and Demo :

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