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[Success Story]Affiliate Products Sales With Retargeting Pixel
One of the greatest pains for me as an affiliate is how to market and promote affiliate products on Amazon and in the same time retarget the people who have previously visited the affiliate page to related affiliate offers.

So to find out how to retarget visitors from a page that I don’t own, I decided to create a mini 10 pages kindle ebook that has to do with business. I called it: “12 Distinctive and Innovative Ways of Starting a Business” which took me 5 days to complete. The next step was to list it on my Amazon seller’s account. (Amazon allows you to list your ebook free for 5 days. With Smashwords.com you can make your ebook perma-free on Amazon).

Screenshot of my e-book:

[Image: f0E5V7u.png] 

The Main Plan

If I give away free copies of my Kindle ebook via Facebook ads, lovers of internet marketing niche will download my book but at the same time I will collect them using a retargeting pixel code so I can remarket a related Amazon ebook after but as an affiliate. 

Retargeting on Facebook can be an effective way to reach a targeted audience of users. Facebook retargeting works the same as a traditional retargeting – when a visitor comes to your site and leaves before converting, that same visitor can see your display ads on Facebook later – helping bring them back to your website or affiliate offer.

Retargeting is so effective because it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest.

We also all know that Facebook works best as a platform to gather people who might want what you are selling or offering, engage with them and get them into a sales funnel with a free giveaway.

This is just a sport many savvy internet marketers and even firms are playing every single day. I have done a lot of giveaways in the past and every time did work great.

The Problem

Retargeting can be awesome BUT the problem most affiliates run into is that you cannot place a retargeting-code or pixel on a landing page that is not yours! Affiliate marketers are not taking advantage of this behavioral marketing practice as much as they should.

The Solution

So before I started Facebook ads and advertising the ebook by giving it away to business people, I decided to create a tool that combines an affiliate link, retargeting pixel code and domain that I own. This way, I will be able to retarget people from a website that I don’t own like Amazon.

The tool is designed to easily retarget any promotion and all the traffic I want. It installs the retargeting pixel into a link which is the link that I used for Facebook ad campaign.

The Results

The first day of the free giveaway of the kindle book resulted in 35 downloads.

The second day of the free giveaway of the kindle book resulted in a huge spike in ranking across all the major Kindle Store and the result was 127 downloads.

The fifth day the result was 1,894 downloads. To get these results, I have managed to target a very passionate audience using Target Interests(link) which helps you find “hidden” interests that many advertisers have never touched in the past.

The final result was 8,452 downloads in 10 days with ad spent 558$! The retargeting pixel showed 16,500 people.

Check the screenshot below:

[Image: bwYu5P2.png]

I managed to collect 16,500 custom audience with a website that I don’t own and after that I was finally ready to promote related niche Amazon book but this time as an affiliate.

The “BIG” Profit (Amazon Affiliate offer using FB ads)

The next move was to create one Facebook ad campaign for a related Amazon affiliate offer (I chose the ebook “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams”) by targeting the custom audience that I collected during the giveaway. I know the Amazon affiliate commission isn’t big but my target was to sell at least 1,000 ebooks with these audience.

In order to promote affiliate offers via Facebook fan page, you have to have really good engaging content in it and to have your native advertising work efficiently. I need to engage and pre-educate my market so the audience can trust me.

I always use native advert sponsored post – Great copy that is compelling and engaging. Sometimes I need to ask questions in the native advertising so you get people hooked and they stop and think

I also tell them that its an “article” that they will read. If you target your audience properly and understand the psychology of your market then this audience is educated and always reading up on the latest marketing news.

So from the native Facebook advert sponsored post they get driven to the blog so they get the first part of the information that they clicked on, and you further increase the engagement.

I provided the content with a engaging banner ad that backs up what I said in my sponsored ad and carrying on the conversation on the blog and by giving them the steps on how to get the best business/marketing tips in this e-book.

I used a very effective strategy. I created a high quality blog post and my Amazon CPA offer is embedded in the post using this simple tactic:

Step 1. do this, step 2. do this” and makes it stand out for the call to action to happen

In my landing page there is no pop ups, pop unders, exit pops and I always include TOS, earnings, privacy policy, phone number etc because I want Facebook to approve the page and let me run traffic to it.

The Stats

Ad spent was $155.67 for this campaign, it brought 3,656 sales from 16,500 people. The net profit of this campaign was 3,656 sales X $1,36 (hardcover, paperback, kindle edition, audiobook) for each ebook sale (8% affiliate commission) equals $4,972.16.

Check the screenshot below: 

[Image: 6DOMapK.png]

This confirms the belief that people are on Facebook to buy and shop products, and affiliate marketers should come close from thinking about promote affiliate offers for example e-books.

In this case, the best way to use Facebook Ads is not for direct selling but to get books in the hands of people who will love to read them without involving them to buy anything and then retarget them by selling them related e-books.

Action Steps

Step 1: Identify an audience you want to penetrate, create a 10 pages e-book, list it on Amazon and then give it away using Facebook ads.

Step 2: Before create an ad, use any tool that helps you to retarget third party offers and create your custom link with the retargeting pixel inside. Use that link on your Facebook ads.

Step 3: Search for related interests on Facebook and create your ads. Make sure your ads are very targeted to your audience. Leave the ads to run for 10 days with daily ad spend $10-$50 depends on your budget. Let the retargeting pixel to collects all the traffic you send.

Step 4: Create your landing page by knowing better your audience interest so you can design the content to attract and engage.
 Design compelling, engaging, and pre educating content and pay for your retargeting advertise. Four performance indicators that you want to be aware are, engagement, awareness, results, monetize.

Step 5: Keep all ads and funnels congruent all the way through so it makes sense to the user and they get a good overall experience so you have a better or higher quality click that converts.

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