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Snapchat Hacked Database Download [Email + Phone Numbers]
[b][Image: snapchatdb.jpg]

Great way to start off the year, amirite? :cakeyplz: The company behind Snapchat has confirmed that their database was hacked and more than 4.6 million accounts and phone numbers attached to those accounts were leaked.

Snapchat's database was breached because of some vulnerable spots in their API. And what is really daunting, is that the hackers have shared their ways of the exploit. This is really bad, because until Snapchat patches some things up (which they couldn't while the attack was happening), many people are going to try this. Here is some information from the hackers:

This database contains username and phone number pairs of a vast majority of the Snapchat users. This information was acquired through the recently patched Snapchat exploit and is being shared with the public to raise awareness on the issue. The company was too reluctant at patching the exploit until they knew it was too late and companies that we trust with our information should be more careful when dealing with it.For now, we have censored the last two digits of the phone numbers in order to minimize spam and abuse. Feel free to contact us to ask for the uncensored database. Under certain circumstances, we may agree to release it.
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