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[Method] Easy method to make money - work from home
hi everyone today i'll be sharing with you a simple method to add some cash to your bank account.
the method is about selling solo ads.
solo ads : is to rent your email list and get paid on CPC model.
but on this method you don't need to have an email list as you'll be selling others solo ads.
sign up to udimi (affiliate link+ you'll get 5$ discount)
udimi is a website where you find solo ads providers and buy from them.
create a facebook account and join solo ads groups

[Image: 2-jpg.10791] 

as you can see there is a lot of them and once you join those groups you'll find people who buysolo ads so you'll contact them and have deal with them
go to udimi and look for a good solo ads provider and see how much he/she charge

[Image: 1-jpg.10790]

once you find a buyer and you define the price all you need is to copy and past the email that you need to send and your profit will be the margin betwenn CPCs.
forexemple if you are paying 0.20$ on udimi and you charge 0.30$ on facebook so you'r making 0.10$ on each click [Image: clear.png](1000 click/day ==> 100$/day)
happy earnings [Image: clear.png]

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