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Jumping back into Mobile Affiliate Marketing 2018
Hi all,
I've been absent from the Affiliate Marketing scene for almost 2 years now. I had been playing with Crypto Currencies on my hiatus from AM as I'm an avid Bitcoin enthusiast after I first got into it in 2011. Of course with the crypto boom of December 2017/January 2018 I was playing the markets and it seemed like nothing could lose.

So anyway, with some of my crypto profits I'm investing back into AM, namely pops to begin with. I had some success in mid to late 2016 with adult dating offers on mobile pops, see this thread, but eventually the offers I had died out and I got distracted with other things. I have some knowledge on pops and how to optimise them so this time around I plan to branch out to sweeps and other offers along with my trusty adult dating.

Enough talk. I've been back doing AM for 2 weeks at this stage and I have a few campaigns up and running. The GEOs I'm targeting are SE/AU/KO/TH with a mix of sweeps and adult dating. I'm using Popads, Propeller and testing Advertizer as well.

First 22 days of starting AM again:
[Image: vV9btUT.png]
I gathered a lot of useful data and didn't lose a lot of money at all.

Today so far (12 hours into today):
[Image: X59duKn.png]
Today I started a couple of my most promising campaigns, that I have managed to get in the green on Popads, on Advertizer to test it out. So far so good, each conversion seems to increase the traffic coming to the offer by a large amount. It apparently also auto-optimises the traffic as you get conversions.

I will try to update this thread as often as possible.

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