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[Guide] How To Pick an CPA Offer
There's tons of CPA offers how do you pick someone that has potential?

Everyone wants to know, this guide should help you out if you are new.

Ok first log into your favorite CPA network and find offers.

Sort by EPC
[Image: epc-gif.10842]
[Image: joeq0]

Bear in mind that EPC can be misleading so take it with a grain of salt. This is a good starting point to see which offers are proven to convert. But even offers that have a EPC of $0.01 can still be profitable for you. What could of happened was an affiliate sent 10's of thousands of junk PPV traffic to it so the EPC drops drastically.

Once you pick an offer that looks interesting ask you Affiliate Manager which source performs the best. This isn't a one shoe fits all approach everyone has there own way of doing it. This is a very basic guide, but it's to give you an idea of where to start if your a newbie.

Another way to do it is pick a source of traffic first then ask your manager which offers work best for that particular source. You can also use Spy tools but i would not recommend for newbies. But at the end of the day testing is whats going to show the potential or not.

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