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[Guide]Ecommerce offers Promote
hello everyone,

i just want to share simple guide to know how to promote Ecommerce offers like ( aliexpress & lazada )

Network: you need account with network includes Ecommerce offers like Clickdealer or you can work direct with Ecommerce website

Tracking: you can try BeMob :: Marketing Tracking Software , it is free

traffic source : pop up networks like ( popads & popcash & propellerads )

now you can start a campaign with 10$ budget and target all countries, and give it some time

by this method you will get earnings at the long term because most of Ecommerce websites like aliexpress & lazada have cookies and it is already will be saved for 30 days on any user device 

you can try this method in Festivals and official events like mother day or black friday 

i have tried this method really and got earnings before 

Good Luck [Image: clear.png]

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