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[Guide] Airpush mobile ad network - How to create simple campaign
Hello everyone i'm back with a new guide, our ad network today is Airpush,Airpush is a private, bootstrapped mobile advertising platform. It is known as one of the largest mobile ad platforms with over 120,000 live apps utilizing its SDK.
Today we will see how to create a campaign step by step and what are the targeting option that are available let's go:
So once you create your account and fund it you'll be ready to create your first campaign, first thing just log in to your account and click on create a new campaign :

[Image: 1-jpg.10755]
so the first thing will be to give your campaign a name and specify the category and the start and end date if you want and then the daily budget (keep in mind that Airpush sometimes don't respect the daily budget so if you don't check you acc hourly you can end up spending way more then what you've specified).

[Image: 2-jpg.10756]

after that you need to specify the traffic source if you want to receive traffic from apps or websites (it's always recommended to chose apps traffic).

[Image: 3-jpg.10757]
next thing is the ad format :

[Image: 4-jpg.10758]

and as you can see there are planety of choices to chose from, but you need to make sure that the offer accept the ad format that you'll be chosing forexemple most offers don't accept push notification.
i've tested only push notification and in-App banner so i can't realy tell the best option is but it all depend on your offer and budget also creatives.
now the next step will be targeting:

[Image: 5-jpg.10759]

you can chose to target all countries [Image: clear.png] but you can also target one spesific countrie or even some cities wich is a great option.
you can also chose to day part your campaign 

[Image: 6-jpg.10760]

but this is usualy after you collect enough data, you can also target devices by manufactor and the good thing is that if your promoting an app you can exclude users that already have the app installed in their smartphones.
and the last thing is crriers 

[Image: 7-jpg.10761]

as you can see Airpush allows you target some specific carriers and exclude others too.
after you complete everything you enter the CPC (bid) and move to the next step.

[Image: 8-jpg.10762]

now this is the last step where you upload your creatives for this exemple i chosed the in-App ad format and as you see can there are to option:
in-app text ads: for this type you upload an icon and a title + description
in-app banner ads: only a banner will be displayed
once you do that enter your tracking link and the post back link if you wanna track conversions in Airpush dashboard.
once you finish your campaign will be sent for approval and you'll receive an email once it's approved.
from my experience i can say that Airpush is a great traffic source but not for newbees with a low budget and best type of offers are CPI offers 
thanks for reading and have a nice day [Image: clear.png]

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