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[GUIDE] How to create a Stealth PayPal account
Remember i found this Guide somewhere , credits Goes To Nerva  Shy

Disclaimer: This is for non-US users who can’t create a PayPal account, and US based ones who want to create a stealth account. Ignore this thread if you do know how to do that. I’m not affiliated with any sites/apps mentioned here.

Whether we like it or not, we need PayPal, and until there’s a universal alternative, we’ll always do. The thing is, we don’t always want to use our real names there. Many people want to, but can’t do it because PayPal isn't available in their country. That’s where Stealth accounts come in to save the day. Stealth accounts are just normal accounts, but with fake info, made for one of the reasons mentioned above (or to scam people, in some cases. Please don’t do that). I’ve seen many people looking to buy a US phone number or a PVA PayPal account or things like that, and every time I was like “What? Why don’t they create one themselves?”. I’m guessing many users don’t know what are VOIP numbers and how to get cheap ones, so here you go.

1. Go to www.fakenamegenerator.com

[Image: wL0DhAl.png]

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