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GSA Auto SoftSubmit Full Cracked Download (Working Version)
[Image: automatic_submission.png]
The GSA Auto SoftSubmit is a program designed to submit software to thousands of websites.

Attention - This software is for software authors only. If you plan to submit low quality software (toolbars or screensavers) just to promote your website, you better use GSA Auto Website Submitter instead before risking the lose of your license (after ordering). We will not accept anyone abusing this software just to get backlinks to a website. All true software authors are welcome to use this product to market their software.
Software Submission
The best product doesn't get sold if you don't advertise it. A good and easy way is to submit your product to download archives. Unfortunately this could take a lot more time than actually developing your product. With our help you can cut that time to a minimum. Software submission to promote shareware has never been easier with GSA Auto SoftSubmit.
Software Marketing that saves time
It will save you a lot of time and money since it's fully automated. Load a PAD file and let the program do the rest (pad file submission). You can even create and edit PAD files (no need to use an external editor like PADGen). That is software marketing at it's best.
Updates and Support
The program is getting updated several times a month to make sure all included submission sites (over 10000 software sites, web directories and search engines to submit to) still work.
Reach more customers and increase sales
[Image: rise_sales_chart.png]
There are a lot of web pages with shareware and freeware archives. Is your application or game listed on them? This program will achieve it and submit it to all sites possible.
But why is it so important to submit your product and have it listed there? Not only that more customers will find and potentially buy your software, but also your ranking in the search engines will dramatically increase since many of the shareware sites have a back link to your web page. More visitors result in rise sales of your product.
Summary of features for this software Promotion
  • Makes your application known within minutes
  • Fully automated software submission system
  • Ability to submit software manually
  • Multiple PAD submission (submits several products in a queue)
  • Submission to Press-Release sites (press text can be edited and stored in pad-file)
  • Easy software marketing
  • Includes over 10000 web sites with search engines, software archives and directories
  • Includes a PAD Editor to edit or create new pad files
  • Tracking of your customers
  • Submit your product to article sites (article text can be edited and stored in pad-file)
  • Very fast processing (with 100 threads you will have more than 100 submissions a minute)
  • Software submission to sites that need image codes (captcha)
  • Special optimizations for RegNow customers
  • Automatic captcha processing and recognition (ocr)
  • Support for different external captcha services (e.g. 6 USD for 1000 captchas)
  • Detailed submission reports
  • Upload your PAD-file with included FTP-Client
  • E-Mail validation tool (logs into your E-Mail account and automatically clicks the verification links)
  • Reciprocal Link Manager
  • Link Validation Utility
  • Use multiple proxies
  • Automatic proxy finding tool
¹ Submission Service
The "Submission Service" licence is meant for companies who plan to submit products that don't belong to them. Usually they own a submission service and submit the products for others. This license is usable for one year. Every other license only allows the submission of products that belong to the licence owner.

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