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[GET] FREE Simple Viral Affiliate Traffic Script
[Image: maxresdefault-13.jpg]

I searched Blackhatprotools and found lots of viral traffic scripts that can be used on Facebook, which is great and all, but there were no scripts that could be used simply just for standalone websites that have nothing to do with Facebook, so I'm adding mine here.

This is a simple script that gives your website visitors a unique link to your site that they can share anywhere and, in return for them sending you traffic, you give them something (anything like a code to something, hot chick pic, app download...whatever).

It's great for getting free backlinks as well as visitors, as users post your link around the net.

Any coder would know how to do this, but I'm posting it to help newbies who don't know coding, so they can have a simple, straightforward way to add it on their own sites.

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[GET] FREE Simple Viral Affiliate Traffic Script - by Mumbai - 12-21-2017, 12:28 PM

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