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[Case Studies] How I Made More than 600$ in 1 Month
Hey, i want to share my story here to thanks to those friends who help me here.
I am a totally new bee, although i am in here for a long time, i get started from May by the help of my AM and get profits from june.

Traffic: Selfadvertiser
AFF Network: Digitalraves
Offer: Secret
Tracking Tool: Newbidder(free version)
VPS: Vultr(5$ version)
Domain: ***.life ***.club(really cheap)

I find it is not easy to earn real money on iternet, till now, i still find it is not easy.. but for my first profitable campaign, i make money by luck.I get started by the help of my Am from Digitalraves. and test several offers till find my profitable offer. Now i will tell how i get started..

I tried ppv traffic using domians target first but get no luck, then i use the keywords target in selfadvertiser, one day i use "facebook by mistake and get several conversions. how lucky i am? then from the date on my tracking tool, i find it has nothing to do with keywords. so i start run ron on the platform. and get several good sources. it converted very well, but those sources dry out now.. and then i test other source to get more profits. for now, i pause all the campaigns due to the traffic quality and some other problems, but i will test more if possible..

from my experience, i find 3 key factors are very important
1. Good offer is the key, no matter what network, if u get a proffesional AM, it is your lucky, because he can give u advices and give u the best offer.
2. Good traffic source the Aff network like.
3. Tracking is very important, we can find where the conversions comes then we can get more profits.

Here is my screeshot from my free tracking tool(newbidder). Infact, I tried other tracking tools, but this one i use is the best for me to get a start, it is easy and with enough functions. it is free and good enough to make money, if u have more budget, u can get more fuctions in this great tool. A tool like voluum[Image: 6-png.10454]
thank you

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