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[Case Studies] Adwords with Pay Per Call
I have Deposit $984 in google adwords and trying to promote Health Insurance Pay Per Call offers. I will update my campaign status in this thread.

I have choose 245 buyer keywords from keyword planer. and make 3 ads for 3 ads group. Keep in touch with me�[Image: clear.png][Image: screenshot_1-jpg.10805][Image: screenshot_2-jpg.10806][Image: screenshot_1-jpg.10805][Image: screenshot_2-jpg.10806]

4 Click Cost me $12.75 on average. and I earned 21 USD. Conversion rate is 14%. i think its a great result for first day. Later i will optimize keywords and will get more good result.�[Image: clear.png]. Now I have set Daily budget $100. after optimization I will scale it up to $500 per day. Keep in touch[Image: screenshot_1-jpg.10811][Image: screenshot_2-jpg.10812]

[size=medium][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]1�Its Exact Match
2. Yes Ofcourse Landing page
3. Astoria
4. Every day 50 USD for testing campaign
5. I think you are talking about invoca right?
thank you

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