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[CPA] Start With ClickBank Network
I've been scrolling through this forum long enough that I think It's time I did a Journey [Image: clear.png]

I usually make my money on Facebook but I've decided to have a go at Clickbank and SEO as a little side project.

What I've done do far.

Keyword research
Made an 8 page website (all articles over 1000 words)
Done some minor SEO work
Extensive competition research

My product commission is around $40 in the health niche. In the last 3 weeks I've been doing some SEO work. I'll be ranking this purely off social signals and web 2.0s. What I'm doing is buying high PR/PA Tumblers then uploading an image with anchor text. I do 4-5 Tumblrs every 2-3 days then drip feed them with Instant Link Indexer. I also add a few other random web 2.0s in the mix with 2x 500-word articles. In the end I'll have around 100 Tumblrs and 10 other random web 2.0s.

As for the social signals, I get a bunch of them drip fed to my keyword pages. This combination is deadly with low-medium competition keywords and it's worked well for me in the past.

The results so far. I've only done SEO work on 3 keywords.

[Image: JvQwgAP.png]

Right now, it's just a waiting game. For the next 3 weeks I'll continue on with my drip feeds then I should start seeing some real results.

How much can I make from this?

I've been doing a lot of research on the competition and my final positions will be something like this.

320 searches - 1st
2900 searches - 1-3rd
4400 searches - 2-3rd
480 searches - 2-3rd
8100 searches - 4-6th
A couple random low volume keywords - 1st

I actually stumbled across one of my competitors who was selling his website with the same product in another forum. He wanted 11k for the website and it ended up selling. Anyhow, I did some digging and found out what he was ranking for.

2900 searches - 6th
300 searches -1st

Apart from a few other random low ones that's all he was ranking for. I then got him to send me some payment proof and he was making on average $1450 per month.... I would easily triple that with my search volume.

I'll also be giving away a free e-book to get sign ups so I can push more products. I'll be back with an update once I get one of these keywords on the front page[Image: ninja.png]

Over time, I'll be showing my readers at my blog Online Dimes how I do this step by step so feel free to join.

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