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[CPA]Mobile Marketing Journey
Hey everyone!

For a long time I thought about start actively participate in here, K's challenge will be my excuse for that to start now...

My story quickly (skip if you're in a hurry):
For a few years I thought on starting my own online business. My Warrior forum account was created on 2009 lol... Last year, I took the authority site free traffic path, but it wasn't for me and I stopped promoting my sites.

Then, I came across the CPA model. I started to read and learn EVERY written word exist about CPA marketing on the Web, courses (Counting only the legit pros), blogs, forums, you name it...

After a while, I decided that I'm finally ready and took my first step on POF promoting desktop dating niche sites.

I learned how to setup campaigns, split test correctly, making creatives and ripping and fixing landing pages.

I created many campaigns and even made conversions and profit, but I realized that POF can't be a long term business model. So I started looking again. after considering PPV and Media buys, I decided to land into the Mobile CPI/L/S world.

Some conclusions so far:

  • Information is SUPER IMPORTANT, taking action EVEN MORE.

  • Learn from your competition. On the contrary to what that everybody says, there's many secrets in that industry. Your competition can be invaluable if you wanna uncover some of them.

  • Network: don't be shy. talk. A lot. Ad reps, AM, build relationships. It worth the efforts in cash.

  • Focus: Choose the way you're going to work, and go for it. Don't over-think and get into info-overload (Like I did...)
Tips for Newbies:

  • Allocate Budget ONLY for advertising! At least $5000, so you won't be stressed with every dollar that go away (personally I am....)

  • Minimize the other expenses:

  • Tracker: Voluum, free (you'll make money till passing their monthly quota)

  • Hosting: No shared hosting, No VPS hosting. Use CDN! create push zone (connect with Cloudflare DNS service) and you're good to go! Super cheap, and the best technology there is today! all the scripts you need to get started available in JS, and passing tokens with Voluum. (I recommend KeyCDN)

  • VPN: download OpenVPN and use VPNgate, it is free and go even through POF's defenses (I know what you think...)

  • Forum: Affiliatefix

  • Blogs: All Free info

  • The only thing in the beginning you pay for is traffic, and time.
My Business Goals (in profit):

  • steady positive profit

  • $100

  • $500

  • Assembling a media buy team - $3000+

  • Even the skies isn't a limit [Image: clear.png]
My CPA Networks:
I have account on MANY CPA Networks, the top of them are:



Forums I watch:

Blogs I read the top list (Using Feedly of course):
CharlesNgo - I wanna meet the man himself someday!
MalanDarras - Awesome guy, creative thinking, both in marketing and music
IamAttila - Another great affiliate, I wanna assemble a team like you do!
FinchSells - Thanks man, learned a lot!
williamsouza.com - made me start with POF, thanks man!
cashmoneyaffiliate.com - Great Affiliate Overview for the Mobile CPA World - thanks!
servandosilva.com - Thanks for your tips, and keep writing!!

Thanks for the contributing guys from the forum:
@K - obvious [Image: clear.png]
@cashmoneyaffiliate - inspiring!
@tjtutor - thanks for the motivation kick [Image: clear.png]
@servandosilva - learned a lot from your posts

What I'm going to do now:
Kind of offers:
 Mobile CPL and CPS - Whatsapp wallpaper, antivirus, sweepstakes
Traffic Source: Pop traffic

Going to set up a few popunder campiagns, PM me if you have insights
Ad rep and affiliate managers - PM me if you have lucrative offers

What I'm asking from you Guys:
Help me out Guys, with tips and consulting. I'm not a newbie anymore, but I'm not profitable either (yet!). PM me and we can exchange Ideas through Skype/email/Fackbook Messanger.
If anyone wanna setup a Mastermind group, I am in!
From the experienced affiliates in the forum, if anyone can help my with my first few mobile campaigns, you'll have my gratitude forever!
Your Feedback is really important for me Guys! For the most of us, we don't have people in the family that understand what & why we're doing this...

Thank you!!

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