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Build a profitable email list business
Long post warning, I like to ramble...

So wanted to give something back to you fix'ers. Learnt a huge amount here so decided to put my latest project in front of you to hopefully help some people along.

First up, nope, I am not sharing the actual site or the niche. I am not here to promote it or generate sign up's.

Ok, so the idea came from two places.

One, my own personal business situation is changing and I have the time now to build something out long term. I want something more stable then my current affiliate setup and consulting, I also want to free up more time for my daughter.

Two, I am in a number of groups across forums and FB, and I saw a couple people talking about courses online and I felt they were wildly overpriced. I don't have an issue with people selling course, I just don't like overpriced crap and scamming people out of their hard earned money. A few comments here and there, and I am being asked to offer coaching 1 to 1 on the most basic stuff - decided to just help people and not charge.

With that out the way, here is the starting point and the rules of the game.

I want to build something out that really, anyone can do. I do have a lot of knowledge in some area's but I also have some gaps. You will spot that from certain choices I make with things, so I guess a part of this is also so I can learn too. The big thing in my favour is that I execute. This is what we are going to do, so lets go do it and I focus on one damn thing.

I want to keep the budget for this minimal. I could throw cash at this, but I don't work that way and most people just don't have the funds for projects. It will be more useful I think to keep this really lean, and it needs to feed itself to grow.

Also, I have my own principles, so I won't promote certain products because I know they just don't represent value to people. I intend to grow this out into it's own brand, with my name on it, so I want it to have a high standard.

Here's the plan.

Ok, niche is already selected. Next up, brand and content. What's my message and how is it going to be delivered? How am I going to be heard?

Here is where I have an advantage, I already came up with a slick, strong brand that's easy for me to work with.

Content. So the goal is to build an email list. The money is in the list. But I need content to keep people joining the list and staying on it. First thing, I map out roughly six months of topics and a very clear end goal. If people join my list here, if they stay with me, where do they end up? Yes, I want to be emailing the list with offers regularly, but there needs to be an overall journey to keep the interest there.

Brand nailed down, content kind of mapped out.

Ok, big thing here to remember, keep moving. Don't get stuck in one spot for months not doing anything. Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other, always.

Next up, I have never, ever built a site myself. I always paid people. Is that a problem? No. I need to learn about domains, hosting and websites. No crying, no obstacles, you don't know it so you go learn it. We have the most powerful source of information the world has ever known at our finger tips, the internet, so go dig.

Next, let's go get some free wordpress hosting and start learning. We need a site to collect data and somewhere to push our traffic.

That will do for now, let me know if you’re following along. This will move fast, so will try to keep everyone updated as I go. What I am doing is not rocket science, and can be done a slim budget. But most people just don't take the steps and consistently keep moving forward towards their goal.

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